Two Important Tips For Online Dating

Two of the biggest tips from online dating experts about creating your online profile include:

1 Your Profile Photo

Your picture is the first thing people look at – having a good main photo is important. The image should be a clear, recent image of your face (shoulders up) that puts you in your best light. A good tip for a younger guy on who may want to hook up a lot – don’t smile. Postion your head to the side, not straight on. That way you create a sense of mystery and do not appear to eager.

2 Don’t Use Too Many Cliches

Avoid phrases like: “I like to get dressed up for a night on the town, but I also like to stay at home and watch a movie” – this doesn’t say much about you almost everyone likes to do both of those things.

or “I love to laugh” – don’t we all like to laugh?

Instead – be specific!

Be specific about where you like to go out – also if somebody else likes to go there then they have a conversation piece to message back and forth with you.

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