Dating Profile Cliche Lameness


Examples of lame cliches often used in dating profiles; please do not be someone who succumbs to these!

“I Love travelling”

“I Love to laugh”

“Work hard, play harder”

“Knight in shining armour”

“I’m down to earth”

“Long walks on the beach”

“Looking for my soulmate”

“I’m looking for a partner in crime.”

“I’m looking for someone with a great sense of humour.”

“I’m living the dream”

“My family is really important to me”

“I love going out, but I’m just as happy staying in.”

For me, when going through potential dating profiles, my eyes glaze over when I read stuff like this. It makes it hard to remember who was who; who would like to meet someone with a sense of humor again? was it Rob or that other guy, or both – yawn!

The problem with cliches is that if you have heard them hundreds of time, you begin to doubt as to whether they are true.

Stay away from cliches because they make you:

1 Sound Boring

You seem to like the same things as all other humans, like laughing and staying indoors yet also going out, thus making you very generic and devoid of personality.

2: Sound Lazy

No effort put in to your profile

3: Make You Seem Predictable

Not very exciting to meet people who say such tired and old things, is it?

Tips to Avoid Cliches:

1:Be specific

Talk about your interests in detail, instead of stating that you like going to the gym – talk about training for a marathon or bike riding through crazy traffic everyday on your way to work. Don’t just say you like to read, talk about a book that changed your outlook on life.

2: Tell a story

A little anecdote about your life goes a long way in giving your potential matches a little insight into who you really are.

3: Be a Bit Cheeky

Play around with those cliches – “I’m not into games. Unless of course you mean Scrabble… in which case you better bet I’ll beat you.”

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